Welcome to a revolutionary new service for dentists

Modern dental treatment is provided in a comfortable, safe, calm, professional setting. The range of treatments offered by modern dentistry has expanded dramatically over the last two decades.

Whilst the vast majority of dental treatments can be carried out with local anaesthesia and re-assurance to achieve a comfortable and pain-free treatment course this does not apply to all treatments. The main exceptions to this in modern dentistry are dental implantation work and bone grafting of the maxilla. Whilst local anaesthesia by itself will achieve a vast amount, many patients will find these procedures - particularly if more than one implant is planned - more tolerable with a degree of conscious sedation.

This sedation is very different from dental chair anaesthesia or even 'light general anaesthesia'. The clinical provision of conscious sedation will allow patients to walk into the dental practice having been able to eat and drink beforehand. They can have their treatment course with sedation and be able to walk out of the practice with simply another responsible adult to aid them.

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