Practice Assessment

If you, the dentist, is interested in our services the first step to us working with you will be a face to face meeting at your practice. This will involve us describing the whole process of modern dental sedation. If this is a service which will help your practice, we will guarantee we can work at optimal safety for your patients. We will ensure you, and your staff, are fully conversant with how we operate. We will train your staff in any supporting roles needed. We will bring along and show you the equipment and pharmaceutical supplies we will use in your practice.

Provision of Sedation for Dental Treatment

We will provide a 100% comprehensive service. We will arrive with all the equipment, monitoring and medicines that we will need for conscious sedation and those required in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. The only exception to this is suction apparatus clearly a standard for dental practice. On the day of treatment, we will assess your patients for sedation in a thorough and timely fashion. We will conduct all aspects of the sedation process with regard to patient safety, all modern standards and to facilitate optimal dental treatment. We will aim for all patients to leave your practice as soon as possible after treatment.

Training of Dental Practice Staff for Basic Life Support and Common Medical Emergencies

We have comprehensive experience in the management of all aspects of general and local anaesthesia, sedation and critical care. We all are trained providers in Advanced Life Support. We all have experience in the management of all acute medical problems. We have the full range of experience and training to train dental and associate staff in how to provide basic life support and manage any medical issue which may arise during dental practices.

3H Medical