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What is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is a safe and effective sedation technique that involves the administration of medications into your vein to make you feel calm and relaxed for the procedure. 


Is sedation safe?

Yes! The anaesthetist will assess you before the procedure to make sure that the sedation can proceed safely. We are fully equipped to deal with any medical emergencies that may arise.


Am I suitable for sedation?

If you are able to lie flat and are reasonably healthy you are suitable for sedation. If unsure we will be more than happy to discuss this with you prior to the procedure.


Does it involve needles?

Yes. A very small needle will be placed in the back of your hand. This allows us to continually administer the sedative to ensure that you feel relaxed for the entirety of the procedure. If you have a specific phobia to needles we can use a local anaesthetic cream to numb your skin before the needle is placed.


How long does it take to work?

The beauty of conscious sedation is that works almost immediately. We can tailor the dose to achieve a pleasant relaxed state. The medications wear off very quickly at the end of the procedure with little residual effects. 


Do I need an escort afterwards?

Yes it is essential that you have an escort after the procedure. This escort should take you home to rest and stay with you for at least 6 hours. 


When can I return to work?

You can return to work the following day provided you feel well enough to do so.


When can I drive?

You must not drive for the rest of the day. Even though you may feel well enough to do so your judgement will be impaired.

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