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3H Medical Directors

Dr Mike Herbertson

Mike qualified in medicine from Oxford University and The London Hospital Medical College in 1982. He trained in anaesthesia in the UK, Canada and the USA. Since 1997 he has been a Consultant Anaesthetist in Southampton looking after adults and children, having a range of surgeries. He focuses on the quality of his work, providing the best possible care for anyone he is looking after.

Sarah Manning


Sarah is our Appointment Coordinator and has worked at 3H Medical since 2014. She has a background in critical care nursing and would be happy to discuss your sedation requirements

Dr Roy Kukreja


Roy qualified from King's College London in June 2000. He undertook his post graduate training in anaesthesia through Wessex School of Anaesthesia. Following this he worked as an attending physician at the University of Michigan, USA for 2 years prior to taking up his consultant position at University Hospital Southampton.


Roy provides anaesthesia and sedation for a wide variety of specialities. He focuses on providing high quality care.

Administrative Team

Jane Lee


Jane has been our Accounts Manager for a number of years. Jane ensures the smooth running of our service. Jane would be happy to discuss our fees with you.

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