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Provision of Sedation for Dental Treatment


We provide a 100% comprehensive service. We will arrive with all the equipment, monitoring and medicines that we will need for conscious sedation and those required in the unlikely event of a medical emergency. The only exception to this is suction apparatus which is already in place in dental practices.

On the day of treatment, we will conduct a thorough patient assessment. 

We will then sedate the patient in a safe and timely manner. We are able to easily vary the depth of sedation to facilitate optimal dental treatment.

At the end of the procedure the sedation will be stopped. The modern sedation drugs we use wear off quickly with minimal residual effect. 

We aim for all patients to be able to leave your practice soon after the treatment has been completed.


Training in Basic Life Support and Common Medical Emergencies


For many years we have been providing training in basic life support and management of medical emergencies to dental practices. We are all life support trained and we have a wealth of experience in managing medical emergencies. Many clients have been rebooking our team year after year with very positive feedback after each course.

Our courses satisfy the GDC requirements.


Practice Visit


If your practice is interested in our services the first step to us working with you will be a face to face meeting at your practice. This will involve us describing the whole process of modern dental sedation and answering any questions you may have. 

Our focus is to provide safe, effective sedation with patient and dentist satisfaction our priority.

If you would like a visit please contact us.


“Both staff and patients feel confident in their care”

Dentist, Winchester

“I was really put at ease and the whole thing went swimmingly”


“Very professional and very kind Thanks”


A valuable service that enables me to carry out complex dentistry knowing that the patient is safe and comfortable”

Dentist, Bournemouth 

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